The Team Behind OVERVIEW!

We, Jonas, Lukas, Josua, Deniz, and Maurice, are the founders of OVERVIEW – and we have a mission: We want to revolutionize the way service providers and customers find each other.

As a service provider in the offline sector, you are certainly familiar with the everyday challenges. That's why we've been working for the past few months to develop tools that not only make your business easier but also provide real value and relieve you. We want to help you work more efficiently while saving costs.

And for those who are already active online or work exclusively online: We've thought of you too! Our tools are designed to improve your online performance and optimize your digital presence.

We are united by a broad range of skills that provide the perfect mix for this endeavor, from technical know-how to marketing.

Together we make a difference!

Our Future Plans

We at OVERVIEW want to revolutionize the exchange between service providers and customers. That's why we've been working on a tool that drives effective communication while ensuring data security. We plan to release this tool on the German market in the middle of the year. Stay tuned, because OVERVIEW Spotlight is just the beginning. We want to be your comprehensive helper so you can effectively manage your customers. This includes making sure you're visible, but also that customers can easily get in touch with you – even outside of business hours. So, stay tuned...